Hilarious Moments of Animals

Like human life, animals also owns a lively world. It is the diversity of animal species such as lions, fish, cats, etc or their hunting activities for victims that contributes to the color of life and makes our earth more attractive and beautiful. However, not many people know that animals also have their hilarious moments, and they are:

Pandas are usually considered to be a kind of bear which is beloved by most people in the world, especially children. The following photo illustrates the funny moment of two pandas that are playing with each other in snow naturally.

Two pandas are rolling in snow

This seal is smiling or yawning, can you guess?

These giraffes often use their head to struggle for their domination, but most people think that they are playing with each other.

Two giraffes are struggling for domination

This eagle is chasing its victim

This bear looks like greeting

This tortoise is trying to attack the camera snapping its photo

This pelican is actually washing by removing mud on itself

These pelicans are rushing into the sea

The little bear is following its mother

The stag is winking

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