Five Ideas to Make This Valentines Day Really Meaningful

Take a look at the marketing out right now and see the images that they are trying to project so that we will buy or spend money. Furthermore, they love to put ideas into our heads about how certain gifts will make our partners feel. Not to say gifts are bad, but do they TRULY represent what love is all about? Do they TRULY show our partners how we feel about them and why we appreciate having them in our lives? Not really.

How then do we make Valentines Day more meaningful for our partners as well as our families? Here are five ideas that are sure to do the trick!

1) Cook pancakes using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to form the heart. Dollop vanilla yogurt on top of two pancakes and drizzle slightly heated strawberries all over the plate. Add a little maple syrup to make it easier to pour. Decorate the table with red heart place-mats cut from red paper and place a card on each person’s chair describing what you love and appreciate about them. Remember to be specific! Create suspense for this by placing a little note on everyone’s pillow at night saying, “Meet me in the kitchen at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning” Love, Mom/Your name

2) Create a “Love Day”. Choose three things to do during the day and early evening. Pick activities your family loves doing together or that you know they would like. For example: Do you all love to go swimming? Take long walks in the country or along water? Eating at a favourite restaurant? Making and drinking homemade hot chocolate? Watching a favourite movie? Playing a sport? Visiting grandparents or special friends? Be sure to announce the day’s plan in an interesting way such as in an extra-large Valentines card.

3) Spend one on one time with each child for an hour or two. Maybe a mother can take her daughter to have a manicure together or her son to watch a new movie he’d enjoy. Or, simply pack a lite snack of Valentine treats and take each child for a “walk and talk” or play in the park.

4) Spend time together as a family then hire a babysitter for a couple of hours and go for a long walk with your partner. Stop somewhere for a warm drink or sweet dessert and talk about the things you appreciate about each other. (Be specific) Also, you might talk about all of your blessings, even if everything isn’t going the way you’d like it to right now. Hold hands and enjoy being together, without children, and in a different environment.

5) Invite good friends over with their children and plan the menu for the dinner together. Discuss decorations, what to serve for dinner and what would make a nice dessert. Have your children phone the friends to invite them over, then cook and decorate together. Nothing has to be extravagant, it’s simply the thought that matters and those simple little “Valentine” touches.

Snuggle up in bed with tea and croissants for the adults and strawberry milk and croissants for the little ones. Pass out Valentines to everyone telling them why you appreciate them (Be Specific) and then just talk and giggle for a little while.

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Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity for all those in love to express their undying emotions. If you are planning on buying Valentines Day gifts for her, go ahead! Each year this special day is celebrated with more zeal and fervor to make it as special as ever. Women in love expect gifts from their husbands or boyfriends. Most of all, a woman craves gifts that show that she is remembered forever in her man’s heart. They love gifts that are chosen with a great deal of care and love. Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines day are the three most romantic events in a woman’s year. Even though men don’t attach much importance to these three events, women do and they expect to be gifted with something they can cherish all year through. If you are running out of Valentines Day gift ideas, don’t panic talk with your friends, or other lady friends who can guide you.

Men usually don’t like to be bothered with buying gifts and they often just buy some flowers, Valentines day chocolates or jewelry. There is nothing wrong with flowers or chocolates or even jewelry, but before you decide what to buy, get to know what your wife or girlfriend loves.

If you buy a bouquet of yellow flowers for your wife, she might throw them back at you. The colors of flowers denote the extent of a relationship. This is something you must be aware of when you go to buy flowers. A bouquet of red flowers denotes a relationship that is built on passion and strong love. It also symbolizes a relationship that has matured over the years. Yellow flowers denote friendship, pink flowers are for admiration and respect and they are usually reserved for newer relationships. Give a white bouquet for a sweet and calm friend. These make the perfect gift for your girl when you are not able to spend Valentines Day with her. You can send her favorite bouquet of flowers by shopping online. This will add a wonderful element of surprise and it is quite romantic. Your sweetheart will cherish how much you love and care for her. It will make her feel beautiful and attentive towards you.

Supplement flowers with a box of expensive Valentines day chocolates if you can afford them and just watch how she goes gaga over it. When you are planning to get Valentines Day chocolates for her think about whether she is on a strict diet or not. Otherwise your expensive chocolates will end up somewhere else. If she loves chocolates give her the flavor that she loves, this shows that you remember her small likes and dislikes. You can choose from so many special varieties of Valentines Day chocolates for her, they are available just for this occasion in all the stores. Choose a box that you feel is the most romantic.

Most women love jewelry, be it silver, gold, diamond or platinum. Get the platinum pendant or diamond set that she has been talking about. Women love expensive perfumes. If you are not aware of the brand that she loves, discreetly find out what she loves, get it for her or order it for her if it is not available at the local stores. If your wife or girlfriend is allergic to certain types of perfume, and you don’t know which ones they are then it is better not to buy perfume for her. You can also browse the internet for all sorts of unique Valentines Day gift ideas.

Basically, Valentines Day is all about how much you care about her. It’s the thought that really matters. Buying Valentines Day gifts for her is not something you do on the spur of the moment. It takes some extra planning, a little bit of thought and loads of love. Wrap it up in a neat package, present it to your woman and enjoy her affections.


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