Five Questions To Ask Yourself When You Love Them Both Equally

How Do I Decide With Whom To Spend My Life?

One of the most difficult things in life is to make a choice when both options seem to be equally superior. No matter what we need to make a choice on, after selecting one we can still inevitably question our decision and sometimes come to believe that we might have made the wrong one.

This post-decision feeling of having made the wrong one, if unabated, can then lead to regret.

The choice can be even more difficult if you have to choose between two people instead of two things. Making the right decision between two people who we love is almost impossible.

If you want to save yourself from future regrets you must make your choice very carefully, because things once rejected can often be considered again but human beings once rejected rarely, if ever, come back.

To make the best decision in these circumstances you need to ask yourself a few questions. Be very patient and calm as you think through these questions and then take your time to consider the answers carefully. If you do it hastily you may regret having done so in the future.

So here are the five most critical questions to ask:

1.Who knows you better?
The one who knows you better, who is aware of your flaws and your weaknesses and accepts you for them has to be a preferred choice. Always remember that the person, who accepts you with your flaws, ‘warts and all’ so to speak, must truly love you.

2.Who understands you the best?
In considering both options make your choice on who understands you more. A relationship definitely needs understanding, so choose the one who really understands and values you. The one who will never think ill of you, no matter what you do, and the one who values you most fully is the most precious of virtues in relationship.

3.Who loves you more?
Select the one who loves you more. If you are serious about them and you want a serious relationship then love must be a part of it. The one who loves you more will always keep you happy.

4.Who has the way of thinking that suits yours?
This will be the one who thinks most like you and with whom you are most compatible. It will provide good communication to your relationship. And good communication results in better understanding and more love.

5.What does your heart tell you?
TRUST YOUR HEART! When all is said and done just listen to your heart and follow its direction. All the reasoning in the world cannot overcome your heartfelt knowing who the right one for you is.

Just answer these five questions keeping both of those special people in mind, and select the one who satisfies these criteria the most.

A man or woman cannot love fully two partners

Just as a ‘man cannot serve two masters’ a person cannot truly love two people as partners. Once you have selected one, then it’s time to do whatever it is you need to do to put the other out of your mind as you now give this one your undivided attention and love.

Most importantly this will require you to no longer spend time with the other person. Some say that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. This only really happens if you give time to thoughts of fantasy of the absent person.

Do not think about the other again and if you find yourself doing so do the opposite while reminding yourself that your choice is made and it’s time to let go of the thought and move on. This will keep you from any sort of regrets and pave the way to create a truly healthy and happy relationship with your chosen one.

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