Funny Videos – These Are Good For You

Funny videos are almost everywhere these days. Today, lots and lots of people are spending their spare time watching funny videos on the internet. These kinds of videos not only help relieve stress and boredom, but they are also a great form of entertainment. Do you spend most of your time doing stressful work? Does your work involve a lot of responsibilities and require you to be very serious and focused? Although it is important to be serious and focused, you must also make sure that you take enough time out for yourself so you have a good laugh.

It is said that laughter helps cure a lot of problems and funny videos are one of the most popular things that people watch today to get rid of stress and problems in life. There are a large number of websites that have a collection of funny videos that people can enjoy. Some videos are just a few seconds in length while others a few minutes. Basically, these do not take much of your time, but definitely gives you the enjoyment you need to carry out your tasks with the extra energy and power for the day.

The internet is full of fun filled videos. No matter which category you are most interested in, there are a lot of collections that you can surely find that will be of interest to you. From animal to people, you can find funny videos on all the different things. The great things about such videos is that there are so many available that you can never run out of laughs. These kinds of videos are added on the different websites almost everyday and you can find something new and interesting each time you are in need of a dose of laughter.

Together with these videos, there are funny pictures too. Moreover, there are funny commercial advertisements as well. Although the best ads are there to pass a message across, they can be so funny that will have you laughing like crazy. Funny ads influence people a lot and these days entertainment is something that people give more priority to. The best ads with fun elements are remembered more easily and are preferred more than the serious ones.

So the next time you are in need of good relaxation, just go online and search for the best ads and funny videos that you can watch. Now you dont need to spend hours in front of the TV waiting for something funny to happen so you can have your laugh. Funny videos on the internet are your resource for instant humor and entertainment.

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Valentine’s Day is the day when people send their beloved symbols of love, but few are familiar with the true story of the origination of the day.

Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February is the day when we celebrate love. The traditionally kept alive by the exchange of love gifts between lovers, or that you send a card to someone you admire secretly. Today there are not many who know that Valentine’s Day has its origins in a ritual that dates back for centuries.

A True Romantic

St. Valentine was an evangelic priest who lived near Rome under Claudius 2nd in the 200’s.

Claudius refused his young soldiers to marry, since marriage made them less willing to go to war.

Bishop Valentine made ceremony rituals in secret, and when Claudius heard about this “lovers friend “, he had him taken into custody.

Valentine was put to death on February 14th, 269 AD – This date which has since been associated with romance and love throughout the world.

Valentine’s Day is the day you should send your girlfriend sweet words and gifts.

The First Valentine Card

The established practice of sending declarations of love on Valentine’s Day descent back to St. Valentine himself.

While Valentine’s waiting to be executed, he was very attached to his guard Asterius’ daughter.

She was sightless, and through his strong faith, Valentine succeeded in miraculously giving her sight back.

It is claimed that Valentine fell in love with his prison guard’s daughter, and that he shortly before his capital punishment, asked for writing materials.

He wrote a parting letter and signed it: “From Your Valentine”.

In the time that followed, young Romans began to give gifts to women they admired as a sign of their devotion.

In 1415 the first valentine card was sent by the Duke of Orleans, and the phenomenon quickly spread to the rest of the evangelical world.

Symbols and Rituals

The symbols used or received on the valentine cards, may have underlying meanings, which have been associated with romance through the millennia.

The Heart as a Symbol

As a symbol of love the heart have roots far back in time.

It was felt that the heart was the place where all the feelings lay, and by giving one’s heart to another individual is the same as giving all one’s love.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

In the medieval times, young women and men drew a piece of paper where the name of their Valentine was written.

They walked around with the name on their sleeves during a whole week.

When we talk about “wear your heart on your sleeve” that means it is no problem for others to see how you feel.

This love lottery still exists in the form of anonymous letters that are delivered and received.

One of the pleasant things about Valentine’s Day is just to guess who the secret admirer could be.

Cupid’s Love Game

In many valentine cards are the photos of Amor, the Roman god of passionate and playful love, who was the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Their Greek counterparts are Eros and Aphrodite, as the words “erotica” and “aphrodisiac” comes from.

According to the old myth, Cupid’s lover, the mortal Psyche, fell into an enchanted sleep and killing, and love god had to stab her in the heart with an arrow to wake her to life again.

This symbol, the arrow and the heart, has in a strange way, survived until the present day.

We still use a red heart with two names with an arrow through, as a symbol of love.

The Written Word

When Bishop Valentine wrote his farewell letter to his great love, he signed it “From Your Valentine”.

The first true Valentine card was thus not anonymous!

Be bold and write a card to someone you are secretly in love with, and sign it with your name – let the person know whom to invite on a date!

Alternatively, you can write a beautiful and sweet letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend, a friend, mother, father, child, or who you now cherished in your life.

Write about all the good things you love about them.

Be generous with praise words, and ask not for anything in return.

Sign the letter and send it!

Love Incense

If you are single and looking for a soul mate, or to strengthen the love you already have, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to work with the couple relationship.

Apply a love fragrance to enchant your Valentine.

Think of Love

Pour a little rose water in your hands, and rub it in your face, hair and arms.

Spark up a barbecue, and crush some fresh cinnamon and dried rose petals over it.

Sit next to the grill, and inhale the incense.

Think about the meaning behind Valentine’s Day while you inhale the incense, and remind yourself of all the lovers around the world that day.


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