Getting Back Together With An Ex Quotes – Is Getting Back Together Right For You?

Getting Back Together With An Ex Quotes

It is time to do some soul searching. Do you really want to win back your ex? I know, you are thinking of him or her all the time, you miss them like crazy and there is a gaping hole in your heart where they should be. But, read this article and consider these points before getting back together. Getting Back Together With An Ex Quotes

Is getting back together the right thing for you?

At the moment it is possible that you are only thinking of all the fantastic times you had together. It is good that you had so many as it definitely means there is a chance for you to win back your ex.

However, the relationship broke up for a reason; don’t forget the problems and difficulties that you have had too. Take your ex off that pedestal you have placed them on and take a long hard look at the relationship you had together.

You need to look closely at the bad times as well as the good and be brutally honest with yourself what you want out of the relationship. Let’s face it; some relationships are simply not worth saving.

If the relationship was abusive in any way then it is best to accept the break up and move on.
If you fought more than you loved, it is probably best to move on now.

Look closely at the reasons why you broke up. Will fixing these problems enable you to have a happy relationship? To have a successful second chance relationship you will need to get to the bottom of these problems and eliminate them.

It will take some effort. So, before you put in a lot of time and energy fixing what went wrong, be sure that going back is really what you want. Sometimes, when the stress of the relationship break up has calmed down and you are thinking rationally again, you may decide that getting back together with your ex is not such a great idea after all.

Reasons why you should NOT get back together with your ex:

You feel lonely – that normal, it won’t last forever. Take positive steps to get over a break up rather than chasing your ex
You’re scared of facing the future alone. Fear of the unknown is normal too. You are a person in your own right, not just the other half of a relationship. You lived before your ex, you can do it again. Stand proud and face the world head on.
Your ex is dating someone else. If this is the only reason you want them back, then don’t try. What is the point in causing yourself more heartbreak? Not to mention the pain you will put your ex and their new partner through too.
You want to stop the break up pain. Trust me, it does not last forever and heartbreak is not a valid reason to try and win back your ex. Getting Back Together With An Ex Quotes

Have you done your soul searching and still want win back your ex?

That’s great! Getting back together and having a flourishing long-term relationship is possible. Here are your first steps to success:

1. Back off

Do not stalk your ex! Even if you are anxious to get them back, you do not want to appear desperate.

2. Start fixing the problems

Now you know what went wrong and why, it is time to start putting things right

3. Don’t beat yourself up

We all make mistakes and you cannot turn back the clock. Apologise sincerely for any mistakes and move on.

4. Don’t forget to live!

Yes, that means going out and enjoying yourself. Sitting and moping around will not bring back your ex any faster. In fact, it is more likely to drive them away.

Getting back together is possible and much easier when you have a proven plan of action. Have you made yours? Getting Back Together With An Ex Quotes

Can’t get over your ex? Regret what you have done?

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Can you win back her love? Almost certainly, although it does depend somewhat on what you have done to lose her love in the first place. If you had an affair, then it will take a good deal longer to win her back, because of course you have betrayed her trust at the highest level.

Listen To Your Head

However, to win back her love you must, absolutely must keep your head. This truly is the one time you have to listen to your head rather than your heart. Your instincts might say – phone her, text her, meet her after work, be round every corner, let her see how miserable you are – but if you really want to win back her love, do not do that.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You need to get a plan in your head, and stick with it. It would be a good idea to get some advice here, so you could always visit a review site to see what sort of relationship problem advice is available. But, you need to just act cool. You need to just stay away for at least 30 days. I know it sounds crazy – but think about it, the rarer things are, the more valuable they are. You disappear off the scene for a month and you know she will be wondering why you have gone.

Agree With Her

If you have been phoning and texting her though, and generally making a nuisance of yourself, then it might be a good idea to write her a letter. Tell her you agree with the split, and you are going to get a grip on yourself and stay away. Tell her you think it is the best way.

That way she has a whole month to think about what you did and didn’t do – and she will think of the good things and the bad ones too. This is the first stage to win back her love.

After 30 Days

After thirty days you can think about texting her, although it would be best for her to make the first move. But a short text is ok. When she replies, and she will reply, make sure she knows that you are very busy. You can make a time to talk to her on the phone for instance, but give the impression that you are really occupied with lots of stuff. When you do talk to her, keep the conversation brief. In the conversation, which should be really light with no begging at all, remind her of some of the good times that you have enjoyed together. Have a laugh at something you both found funny. Leave the conversation on a positive note. This will leave her with positive thoughts of you in her mind.

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