How to Show Your Wife That You Love Her ? Crucial Advice for Husbands

You’re wondering how to show your wife that you love her. You two have been married for a time now and you’re concerned that she isn’t fully aware of how much you care for her. You’ve been left wondering based on her actions. Maybe she seems a bit distant or perhaps she’s been making up excuses for why she can’t spend as much time with you anymore. Regardless, you’re feeling that things within the relationship are shifting and it has you very worried.

Learning how to show your wife that you love her is all about making her feel cherished and adored. She felt that when you two were dating and in the early days of your marriage. That was likely due to the fact that she was your number one priority. Nothing came before her and you focused as much of your time and attention on her that you could. That’s changed now and although it’s understandable, it will impact your marriage. Even though you have to tend to your work, to helping balance the family budget, to parenting and to fixing things around the home, your wife has to fit in there somewhere. You must make a strong effort to make her your main focus in life so she feels important and connected to you.

Some men may think that means that they need to run out and buy their wife flowers or start reciting romantic poetry to her. Those things definitely can’t hurt the situation, but that’s not where your energy should be directed. Your wife needs and wants you to do small and meaningful things for her. That can include anything from making her coffee in the morning to drawing her a bath after she comes home from work so she can relax. You need to concentrate on the little things that will make her life easier.

Another important thing to remember when you are trying to understand how to show your wife that you love her is to listen more to her. Women need and want to be heard by their husbands. She wants to know that you are just as interested in what she has to say as she is in what you have to share with her. A woman feels validated when her husband doesn’t try and excuse himself from discussions about feelings. Your wife has things she needs to share with you and it’s important that you engage yourself fully in those discussions. Every woman wishes she was able to claim that her husband was attentive and responsive to her needs. Become that man for her and she’ll have no doubt that you love her.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your wife feel even more distant from you. You can make your wife fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don’t have to worry about whether your wife is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make her fall hopelessly in love with you.

Once the excitement and passion in a relationship fades away and everything which used to be oh-so-romantic had turned into routines and habits, parties to a relationship tend to start taking things for granted.

We expect our partner to do this and do that; we expect them to always be around for us and we never thought we need to continue to appreciate everything they are doing for us until the relationship crumbles down around us. That’s when we cry and moan it is “too late” to right the wrongs.

Fear not, people. There’s still light at the end of the tunnel, and the light in this case is that contrary to popular belief, it is relatively easy to win love back.

The reason why most people think it is hard to win love back is because most widely taught tactics fail to acknowledge the crucial differences between how men and women think. On one hand, women will strive to make men see how much they are loved and needed. On the other hand, men do not value words as much as women do. They believe that action speaks louder than words. To men, words mean nothing if they are not accompanied by actions.

What can we learn from this difference? It taught us an important lesson, which is: In order to win love back, one need to recall on the actions done in the name of love instead of the words said. Majority of the ladies are able to recall the times when they attempted as hard as they could to convey the message to their men regarding how much they love them and asked them not to leave. Are the words sufficient to make a man stay? The answer is no.

Men will construe the message to mean that you are sad and felt hurt, and he caused your sadness, thus it is better for him to call for a break up and leave you. Whatever you said to make him stay are merely turning his head away!

Now, try to recall all the quarrels and arguments. Can you remember how you try to reason with him and make him see your point of view, but somehow he never seem to understand? Listen, ladies. Your man, despite being gifted with two ears which provide him with ability to listen, will never be able to hear the words you shouted. All he heard was how unhappy you are with him. The only thing on his mind when you shouted was that he caused your misery, and he should leave you to make you feel happier.
Is it better to be quiet then? No. He will think the same.

So what can you do, if no words work? The answer is: action. All he wanted to do is to make you happy, so be happy when you are with him. Boost your self-confidence – that will show him that he is the right man for you.

Remember, ladies. Men may be attracted to cleavages and sexy legs, but what makes you truly irresistible to a man is the fact that you are a happy individual with confidence. After all, that’s the way you are when he first fell in love with you – the bubbly and happy lady – so continue to be the person he first fell in love with.

Instead of shouting and reasoning with him, what you should do is to spend time doing things you enjoy doing. It can be hanging out with your girl friends or watching your favourite movie. When you prove through your actions that you are a pleasant lady to hang around with, his feelings for you will come back just like magic.

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