Hilarious Moment of Stars

People always see Hollywood stars in their best mood with perfect faces or in luxurious clothes. However, they are also human and have their normal life with very ordinary moments, even hilarious ones. Let take a look at funny photos of the humorous minutes of some noted celebrities.

Nicole Kidman: Don’t look at me like that, so embarrassed!

Eva Mendes of Ghost Riderwhat does she wanna talk???

Handsome actor Brad Pitt also has hilarious photo like this one.

Jessica Simpson: help me!

Rocker John Mayerar sang arduously.

Sarah Jessica Parker uses flower toattackan actor.

Rihanna innocently prepares for shooting.

Victoria Beckham: gone with the wind.

Tom Cruise: extremely happiest moment.

Star of Transformer 1 & 2 Shia Labeouf: good way to hide the paparazzi.

Couple Beyonce amd Jay Z: whose eyes are bigger???

Wolf man Taylor Lautner of New Moon: I am stronger.

Cameron Diaz in the strong wind.

Justin Timberlake: look at my nose.

Angelina Jolie besides her husband Brad Pitt.

Nicole Kidman: Oh, let me think for a minute.

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