Hilarious Moments of Politicians

Politics has been with us for as long as people have had to cooperate to achieve their goals. Some have held elective offices and made decisions that affect communities on local, state, and national levels. Politicians are involved in influencing pubic policy and decision making which are important to their communities. Incumbency is their strong advantage and mission in elections and obligations. They receive great rewards with a combination of negotiation and public presentation skills. And certainly, such skills are vital for becoming a politician as politics is not for the shy. Many successful politicians enjoy visibility in exchange of loss of privacy which is the greatest drawback. Whenever politicians appear in a small town or the White House and make speeches, they are subject to intense scrutiny. Therefore, they always have a formal and unruffled look in the public and meetings. However, they sometimes also have funny and embarrassing moments with hilarious faces and behaviors. They have meetings with other politicians and offer greetings by making hugs and kissing. In some situations, their actions make them funnier to look at. The happenings in the world of politics would be humorous.

The following is a great collection of hilarious photos of well-known politicians from different countries around the world.

US President George Bush put his dancing skills to use on a number of previous occasions.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown showed his attitude during his speech.

Michelle Obama rested her hand on Bill Clinton’s knee. Her gentle touch came as they listened to a rousing speech by President Barack Obama.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shows her emotional face.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Barack Obama’s winning grin

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is winking.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has earned himself the nickname of thehyper-president”, a leader who never stops.

Medvedev’s stylish greeting

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