Short Love Poems for that Special Valentine

How do you say “I love you” that special valentine? You want to let her know how special she is and how much she means to you. You really want her to understand how special you feel she is and how much she has changed your life. You know love words won’t suffice, but you still want to express through short love poems or other forms of romantic messages just how much she means to you.

The vehicle of communication is not that important. What IS important is your intent, your sincerity and your level of connection with her. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you communicate to her as long as your intent is right. You could take her to the most expensive dinner, write her the best love poem in the world, get her jewelry and have it all mean absolutely nothing to her.

And you can also do hardly anything for her, maybe write just a few love words, and yet have it mean everything to her. It’s NOT the method you use, but the intent. And your intent means nothing unless you know what is important to your wife or partner. It’s never about what you think she would like, but what SHE actually would like. Some women want service. Some women want gifts. Some women want praise. Some women just want to know that you have things handled. Some women just want you to communicate better. There are things that your partner wants that mean more to her than anything else you could do. PAY ATTENTION to those things first. Don’t worry about anything else.

If you know what’s important to her, then you can write a powerful short love poem for Valentine’s Day and have it mean a lot for her. But that also means you might have to take care of things outside of Valentine’s Day for the rest of the year. You can’t mess up in other areas of your life, write a love poem and expect it all to be better. If you’ve made a mistake, you have to correct the mistake in the realm in which it was made. If you got into credit card debt, the way to fix it is to get out of credit card debt, not writing a poem about how sorry you are.

So pay attention to what your wife really wants. Then do that for her. Only after you’ve done that and she’s feeling great about everything else in her life should you attempt to write a short love poem. And when you do, you better make sure it comes from your heart. You better be writing about what means something to her.

Phrases like “I would die for you and cross the ocean for you” means nothing compared to words like “I know I don’t always listen and love you like you want, but I’m getting better every day and my intent is to love you like you want.” And the only thing that will make it really good is if your actions line up with your words. Words can never serve as a savior from your actions. Love words will only serve as a compliment to your actions and the example of your daily life.

If your actions and your intent are lined up with loving and your appreciating your partner, and SHE truly feels that way, then it won’t matter what you write in a love poem, you’ll always get it right. If your actions are not lined up, it doesn’t matter what you write, you’ll always get it wrong.

So to make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day, be the living example she wants and love her like she wants on a consistent basis. Then write her a short love poem that is in line with your actions. Your actions will show your wife that you love her above all else that you can do. The short love poems are only the cherry on top.

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Picking up the most fascinating flowers for sweethearts from chaotic Valentines flower maze draws a great deal of consideration and attentiveness of any men in love. With sound experience in floral industry, Charles Ingrum knows how.


When choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day – or any special occasion for that matter- bear in mind that your gift should reflect your love and sincerity, no matter it is your first time lover or married spouse. Remember there’s no price-point you must spend to show how deep your love is. Don’t let your current economic status reveal. Ease your recipient’s mind with a box of chocolates or an over-the-top floral arrangement.


Behind the colors of the bloom hide the message of love. Therefore, if you want to impress your lady by letting them know the meaning behind your selection, take your time to remember what message is sent when choosing a specific color:


White – Purity, innocence, perfection, hope

White flowers are gorgeous, unique, and non-traditional. They are perfect for a new relationship or for demonstrating your love is pure.

Red – Love, passion, desire, eroticism

Red is traditionally the color of love and romance. A dozen long-stemmed red roses are the classic romantic gift.

Dark Red – Beauty and Love

This is the perfect color to send to let your partner know how truly beautiful they are, while demonstrating how much you truly love them.


White & Red – Unity, togetherness, long-lasting love, bonding

Red and white flowers are a striking combination and they embody all of the feelings and emotions of a true bond.

Coral – Desire, love

Coral is a shade of love, but more importantly, desire. Sending coral roses to your partner lets them know how much you really want them.

Yellow – Friendship, joy, happiness

Yellow is the traditional color of friendship. With roses traditionally being a romantic flower, you may want to choose gerbera daisies or dahlias that reflect your appreciation.

Yellow & Red – Falling in love, start of a new romance

The yellow symbolizes your current friendship while red shows that you are interested in moving towards a relationship.

Pink – Romance, sweetness, playfulness, gladness

Pink is a feminine color perfect for those fun, playful couples. Whether it’s pink roses or lilies, it’s perfect for the sweet, romantic person in your life.

Purple/Lavender – Enchantment, unique, noble, devotion


Purple is the color of true devotion. Sending this color lets them know how truly unique they really are. Often associated with nobility, it’s a perfect color for a long-standing romance.


What’s more, make sure you give them really fresh bouquet. No one wants to receive half-dying flowers and witness it to perish the next day. Pamper them with clean cool water and a packet of flower food provided by your local florist.


Finally, show off the blossoms to brush up your day of love. Your Valentine will want her bouquet of love to be displayed proudly throughout the week before bringing them home.


Good luck!


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