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The main reason the numbers flake is because the initial text message, the one that reminds her of what it was like to interact with, and the one that sets the context for the rest of the text exchange, is conveying harmful things that are probably not aware of. The main mistakes that occur over and over include: asking her what she is doing, which fails because it is requiring a girl that is barely known to put in effort in order to interact with. This sort of text communicates to her that if she decides to meet up, she will need to put in effort to keep the vibe fun in which case there is little incentive for her to go out of her way to hang out; asking if she is available, which illustrates one of the most common mistakes. This is such a silent killer of hook ups that guys probably dont even realize that they are doing it. Guys think that by asking if a girl is free, they have a better chance of securing the meet up because she doesnt have other plans, or if she does it will assist in determining the best time for her to hang out. The problem here is that again this message is carrying damaging undertones. If she cant make it to some cool party or bar to hang out, she will be more likely to suggest an alternate plan that she will keep if not already tried to maneuver through her social calendar already; not having a plan, which means by not having a plan, everything is messed. Its that simple. It is a mans job to have a plan and carry out that plan like a 5-star general. This doesnt mean that there is no flexibility or spontaneousness, but there must be some sort of an agenda that leads to the couple hooking up in order for it to go down. That means a specific bar or a specific movie a solid plan to give her confidence that the individual is the type of man that can plan for things and get things done.

There are 3 easy steps to sending a perfect text message to date hotter girls every time, which are: follow the formula: x+y=sex (Im doing X right now, lets do Y later.) which means this formula conveys personality from the very first text. It doesnt matter how cool whatever youre doing is, it is just important to communicate that the individual is a guy who does things other than sitting home attempting to date hotter girls out somewhere; delete unnecessary words, which means not to say in five words what is to be told in one. By being short and to the point it accomplishes several things. Firstly, individual is being concise and making the point of message clear lets hang out. Secondly, if being nervous to date hotter girls, actively stripping away the bullshit puts in the right mindset to meet up with her. Finally, an interaction should be a two way street. By telling her everything, there will be nothing for her to ask about; force the response that you want which means by adding a small phrase at the end of text that tells her to take some kind of action step improves your chances of a response 200%. Even if she cannot meet up, she will be more likely to suggest a different time that works better for her.

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Something ten years ago that we rarely, if ever, did was use our mobile phones to send out the billions of texts that we are now doing. And when I say billions, I mean billions, as in 160 billion in the USA last year. Some of us have become so attached to our phone it’s almost like having a third hand. But with all this texting there comes a real danger – those that text as they drive.

In fact there has been an alarming rise in the number of texting-while-driving incidents. It stands to reason that the risk of being in an accident rises sharply if one is attempting to pound out letters on a tiny phone as they propel a four ton automobile down the road. All it takes is a split second of not paying attention and you can find yourself in a bad situation. Some have even equated texting on the road as just as deadly as someone who is drunk.

As of right now, seven states completely ban texting on the road. Others are moving in that direction, such as a hands-free devices in the car only. Yet other states target teenagers, with the idea that teens are doing most of the texting anyway. The fact is though, it is almost impossible to enforce these laws, after all being able to observe someone texting going down the highway is not very feasable. So what’s the answer?

To reduce texting fatalities, it has to start in the home. Parents have to take a tough stand and simply not allow it. Some schools are now exposing teens to ads and such on the dangers. No doubt that one key is going to be widespread media attention to the issue moving forward. The consequences of texting behind the wheel can be absolutely horrible.

Mobile phones with all the bells and whistles are here for good. Internet, music, video playback, camera…. it’s an all-in-one device these days. Let’s all use good common sense, the texts we send and recieve are not so important that they can’t wait until we are safely off the road.

Jack Clarke has been an author and content publisher for the past 12 years. He currently runs several review sites including Cheap Car Insurance among many others.

12 years experience online as a content publisher and product reviewer including such sites as Affordable Car Insurance and other informative informational websites for consumers.

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