Valentine”s Day must be around the corner when you find red loving hearts cropping up on display windows of shopping malls. Men are always expected to create romantic atmosphere and buy gifts for their sweet heart. Valentine”s Days is for two people. Girls also need to send gift to their partners. This will help their relationship work smoothly.

If you have no ideas to begin your Valentine”s shopping, check the following ideas collection from DSstyles, all of them are selected meticulously. In order to share our LOVE, DSstyles give away a special discount code for this sweet day. A 5% off coupon (DSstyles2011) will be valid for orders over GBP30 & USD50. This coupon is valid through to the end of 2011.

In these years, all things high-tech of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iMac) win the hearts of both men and women. It will be one of the creative ideas send a distinctive case to your beloved”s treasured high-tech gadgets.

For Her

-Crystallized iPhone 4 Case (Name Crystallization)

Roses are a great noncommittal Valentine”s gift: red rose means true love, pink rose expresses appreciation to your sweet love. With this in mind, three Rose-themed iPhone 4 Swarovski crystal cases (Red, Pink, and Purple) are designed. They are sweet, pretty and also unique “” people can choose to crystallize his / her name on these cases

For Both / For Him / Her

-Personalized Crystallized Swarovski iPad Case (Names Crystallization)

You can either crystallize one name or both of your names with Swarovski crystal on the iPad cases.
For Her / Him For Us

-Custom Cases

Not only for Apple gadgets. Custom Swarovski crystal cases of other brands of mobile phone are also available at DSstyles. Contact us through to tell us your Valentine”s special designs. The experienced craftsman would make the unique case for you.

Besides, more products are listed below to give you more inspiration

For Her

Graphite Crystallized Swarovski iPad CaseShining
Twill Series Full Housing iPad Case – White Classic
Mesh Series Hard iPad Case – Pink Sweet
Zirconia Series Hard iPhone 4 Case – Magenta Sparkling
Deluxe Series 3D Crystal iPhone 4 Case – Yellow Deluxe
Blossom Series Hard iPhone 4 Case – Pink Young
Bello Series Hard iPhone 4 Case “” BlackGraceful
Gradation Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 Case – Purple Distinctive
Stripe Print Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 Case Fashionable
Decora Series Crystal iPhone 4 Case – Special Bear Pink Bling bling
Joie Series Silicone iPhone 4 Case – Two Hearts Romantic

For Him

Grafiche Series Full Protection iPhone 4 Case – Skull ColorComprehensive
Classic Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 Case – Black DiamondLuxury
Mercury Head Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 Case Stylish
Neo Series Soft iPad Bag Case – Black Warm
Charm Series iPad Silicone Case – Black Charming
Folio Series Flip Leather iPad Case – Black Functional
Brace Series Hard iPhone 4 Case “” BlackModern
Cuir Series Flip Leather iPhone 4 Case – Black Blue Classic
External Power Battery Case for iPhone 4 Practical
Action Fitness Armband for iPhone – Blue Sportive
Bumper-Pro Series iPhone 4 Case – White Simple
Frost Series Hard iPhone 4 Case – Silver Cool

Bring DSstyles to your Apple gadgets

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