Vintage Women’s Fragrance This Valentines -Valentines Day Quotes 2018

Whether you are at the beginning of a potential new relationship or have been married for twenty years one Valentine’s gift you can never go wrong with is women’s fragrance. Women love to smell irresistible, it boosts their confidence which then makes them more irresistible to you.

The next challenge is the type of perfume to buy. This can be a difficult decision. There is always the safe option of finding out what her favourite perfume is and buying more of the same. This will be well received and almost completely stress free. However, if you do not like her perfume or would like to be more creative and surprise your Valentine then you are going to have to put a little more work in. Are they a very girly girl who would like a light, floral fragrance? Or are they more stylish and would love a vintage perfume, which is different from the mainstream perfumes being worn by everyone else? Is your Valentine an outgoing, confident woman with a strong personality? They are likely to prefer a strong aromatic fragrance, which they would love because it stands out and would most definitely differentiate them from the crowd. Is she a quietly confident woman who does not like to attract attention to herself but has her own sense of style? Oriental fragrances are likely to be right for her.

So, the first step is to decide which of these categories your Valentine fits into. Once you have done that there is still a huge range of women’s fragrances to choose from. You can find a perfume profiling website and answer some questions about your partner’s likes and dislikes, which should then recommend the perfect perfume for their personality. The great thing about this is that you could discover a delicious perfume which would be completely unexpected and the perfect surprise. An alternative way of choosing a perfume is to contact friends and find out if they can suggest any perfumes which your partner may like. They are more likely to have a few ideas, however the risk is that they will suggest fragrances which they like. If this is how you go about it then get a few suggestions and go to the shop and smell them all. Choose one which you like and you think will smell good on her. If you are at a complete loss you can always ask the sales assistant in the shop.

The final challenge is buying it, in time for Valentine’s Day. It is very easy to buy perfume online as most perfumers either sell direct from their own websites or through resellers. If you use a perfume profiling site then you may as well order the recommended perfume online straight away. If you need to smell the fragrances to help you choose then it would be better to buy the gift in the shop, as soon as you have selected the one you want.

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