Why Flowers For Valentines Day?

Valentines Day (14th February) is famous for giving flowers and cards. Roses especially are used to say to your Valentine that you love them. Red, as the symbolic colour of the heart is also particularly popular. It is a day when couples the world over express their love to each other.

The day was named after Saint Valentine but there is no agreement on who Saint Valentine himself was and there are three popular stories about a man named Valentine

However, the introduction of flowers for Valentines Day is less contentiously said to have started in the 16th century when the Swedish king Charles II introduced the Persian custom of using flowers to express yourself.

Roses are also the favourite flower of the Greek goddess Venus who is the goddess of love. The red rose symbolises passion and love. Other red flowers also represent love but not in quite the same way as roses do.

Different colours of rose mean different things. Other than red, romantically linked colours are white for true love, coral, peach or orange for desire, and lilac for love at first sight. Although it is more common for men to send flowers to women, many men also like the gift of flowers.

There are no set rules as what you should give a loved on Valentines Day, but ensuring a personal touch is nice. This could be including a favourite flower or simply attaching a personal and heartfelt message to the bouquet. One perfect red rose presented with Baby’s Breath flower is considered a signature rose by florists and is the most desired floral gift for Valentine’s Day. A dozen red rose are also a popular gift. Often, roses are more pricey at this time and florists do a large percentage of their business in the run up to this day.

Fresh flowers are much more popular than silk altenatives because they have a wonderful smell and will always look better than an imitation, although they won’t last as long. To preserve fresh roses they can be hung upside down and left to dry.

Flowers can be personally delivered by yourself, or you can get them sent by a florist.

You can find great flowers from your local florist by searching on the internet for geographically based phrases.

Try a search for something such as florist Southampton or flower deliveries Southampton to find a florist in Southampton

If we want to know the most romantic day among new couples and married ones in your life, then you will find the valentine day in your life. Among the gifts flowers are possibly the most beautiful and romantic token of your affection and love! Selecting the best and suitable flowers for your dearest one can be a bit hard, and then do you go with cultural roses? Here are the most beautiful and romantic flowers in our book.
1. Tulips. Traditionally, Tulips mean “perfect and exact love” and tulips are great substitute to the rose. Tulips come in a variety of shades and colors, so it has become really very easy to know about your lover’s choice, even if color is black. This simple and beautiful flower really represents the perfection of your affection, care and love with its molded petals and good-looking cup. A simple and attractive bunch of four or five tulips is best and ideal to give it to your beloved darling on this Valentine’s Day.
2. Lilies as Gift. These stylish and best flowers are stunning and best when these are given in a cluster or alone and are always the perfect, when not shared with any type of filler. They are available in different sorts of colors, which includes White, red and yellow and represent the perfection and beauty.

3. Lilacs as Gift. These amazing valentine day flowers are most welcomed and respected for their soft fragrance. These flowers can be directly obtained directly from the online stores and given to your darling or beloved as a most charming Valentine’s Day flower gift.
4. Carnations. Carnation is the cultural and traditional flower. These flowers are especially for women and come with the colors of pink, white and red and along with stunning colors of purple, blue and even green. Some types of carnations have double or twin colors, with the border of the petals in pink or red while the main flower color is white. These flowers can be the stunning valentine flower gift to your dearest and nearest ones.

5. Orchids. Orchids have many different meanings including love, seduction, beauty and refinement. Although these flowers are fairly pricey, a single piece of orchid can be an ideal way to convey your emotions to someone that you care about them and you love your dear one.

6. Wildflowers. This type of flower is more than a specific type. There are factually hundreds of different flowers growing in the yards and fields across the country. What makes this so romantic is that you have to actually go out and utilize your time to choose and pick the flowers for your nearest ones. The purpose of giving wildflowers a representation of Valentine’s Day is must to amaze your girl friend or wife as it is known to be the very romantic sign.

Generally,l Valentines Day Flowers are a romantic and attractive gift, but these flowers have more romantic connotations than other flowers. Whether you select to go with the traditional rose or something a little more executive and unique, you can give assurance that your gesture wouldn’t be misunderstanding if you give flowers as valentine day flower.

7. Roses are also very romantic. The different color of rose represents different meaning. Like Red is for perfect, passion for the young couple who is just getting involved into their matter, pink is the sign of romance, and it is ideal for married couples and chaste pairs, or anyone who is in love with other one.

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